About ATV



ATV (all-terrain vehicle), also known as QUAD, a four-wheel-vehicle, able to travel on low-pressure tires, known in the world by its remarkable ability to conquer mountain terrains, swamps or rivers and streams...


An ATV is designed like a car but has a controller looking like a motorbike.

The engine traction favors consolidation rather than speeding up the pace of changing vehicle with the ratio transmission.


Controlling ATV is also seen as an official sport.


ATV at the Suoi Tien Theme Park


Although the ATV is popular in many countries, it is still something new in Vietnam.


In Suoi Tien Theme Park, Vinaracing offers everyone the chance to experience the first ATV track in Vietnam with total 27 ATVs and 3 different tracks: Children track, Advanced track and Desert track.

Basically, ATV is like a motorbike easily to control.


For the safety of every driver, before officially starting each game, there will be a training session to get everyone used to how to drive given by our professional staff.